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We asked the entrepreneurs about their personality and also about their business. You will learn if they are more introverted or extroverted, what is their favourite place on Earth but also what issues they are tackling with your business, what was the most challenging part of building a business and what inspires them. So together we can inspire each other 🙂

Hannah, Managing Director of “Generation-Cafés” in Vienna

Asib from REDI Recycling Making Difference for Roma in North Macedonia

Hannah Lux, managing director of two Vollpension-Cafés in Vienna, where young and old come together. In these “generation-cafés” the cakes and sweets are prepared by retired seniors working as cooks and hosts. The cafés are a space for guests to feel welcome, drink coffee, eat grandma’s cake and get into a conversation with the seniors working there. This ideally makes a diverse group of people – young and old, tourists and Viennese – get in touch heart to heart, countering the growing gap between young and old. More here: 

Asib Zekir from REDI Recycling, a start-up social enterprise established by REDI NGO. REDI Recycling aims to organize and through employment to formalize the individual Roma waste collectors while establishing a system for primary waste separation in households and companies. Asib shares the legal challenges and system not-readiness for social enterprises in North Macedonia, but being part of the Roma community and civil society sector he is empowered to “move the mountain” and make a real difference. How courageous, isn’t it? More here:

Sofia from Mozambique about Her Fight for Dreams

Chantal, Young Namibian Entrepreneur, Lives Her Purpose Every Day

Sofia from Stefan Cosmetics shares about challenging times in the pandemic. Due to that she is still managing to provide cosmetic services to her customers. Her inspiration and the biggest support is her family and that is what keeps her waking up every morning and making her business work. Sofia´s advice is to study and fight for your dreams no matter what!

Chantal Claasen, co-founder of Dololo, which is the bottom-up self-funded co-working space. Chantal believes that making a social impact and having profit is achievable, but can be challenging to find a functional model around it. Dololo is focused on early stage entrepreneurs giving them skills and resources for their start. Chantal lives her purpose every day via her business. What is your purpose and how do you live it every day? More here: 

Ovidiu from Romania Could See the Innovation Despite Being Blind

Einstein founded BlitzTech Electronics to Level-up Innovation in Zimbabwe

 Ovidiu will introduce you to an innovative platform that offers solutions for customer needs – Beesers. Ovidiu believes that technology is a faster and cheaper way to make medical care more effective. The medical assistance is sent directly to homes of people where needed. The app is currently functioning in half of Romania, covering bigger cities and rural areas as well. Beesers managed to build it in just a year, we are looking forward to seeing this wonderful platform grow even bigger, maybe even scaling to other countries. What do you think?
More here: 

 Einstein Makuyana who has a personal record in drawing design in Zimbabwe and likes to play with his gadgets also tells us how his business is making his community live better. At the same time the acceptance from his community about what he does was one of the biggest challenges, but he preserved. BlitzTech Electronics is solving the issues of innovation in Zimbabwe, as most of the electronics are made and imported from China and  BlitzTech wants to change it.  Einstein recommends you to take more time from learning from people with experience and focus on tangible skills rather than just chasing diplomas. Will you take his advice?  More here: 

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