YHP Dielňa

Martin is „just a normal guy“, as he defined himself, who decided to open up a social business and to commit himself full time to his passion, repairing objects and working manually. Your Hobby Place is the first public workroom in Bratislava, set up by Martin Gašparovič and located in the Petržalka neighbourhood of the capital city. It is a place for anyone to repair items, to practise hobbies and to repair motorcycles.

Your Hobby Place is a big space accessible to anybody willing to repair, assemble or create new objects. Here people can find all the necessary tools and a wide working area.

Benefits for customers are many. First of all, the location. The space is easily accessible and, at the same time, a bit isolated in order to make possible the use of noisy tools without disturbing the neighbours. The idea is to offer a working space to those people who want to repair their own belongings but do not have space or capacity at home. Furthermore, the use of sharing tools is more convenient, especially because many of them are very expensive and needed only for few kind of reparations. Basically, some of the sharing tools are tools that ordinary people do not have at home.

YHP Dielňa

The tools available vary from screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, wrenches, hand saw, drills and cutters to big and high quality stationary technical machines such as table grinder with an abrasive belt, optimal table drill, compressor and many others.

How does the business work?

YHP offers people different kind of packages based on a list of tools. The prices per hour are different and based on the tools needed. This makes the use of the space fairer and connected to the price of the tools needed.

The vision behind YHP is to provide a suitable workplace and appropriate tools to people willing to repair their things but without the possibility of doing so at home, due to the lack of space or tools.

Furthermore the idea of a sharing tools and space contributes to strengthen the sense of community and mutual help, which is something that often the contemporary society tents to forget, especially in the big cities.

YHP Dielňa

YHP is a very innovative and appalling business. A working room in the middle of the capital city of Slovakia gives a positive input to the citizens. They have the possibility to upcycle things that never become trash and reuse their belongings after reparations. Furthermore, people living in Bratislava do not have anymore to give up their hobbies for the reason they moved in a bigger city with less space for themselves, or because they do not have at home suitable space for big reparations or the tools needed.

This business is brand new, although the idea popped up in summer 2016, YHP is officially has been opened to the public only since September.

Martin is a living example of a person who decided to follow his dreams and open a business connected to something he strongly believes in and that is meaningful for him and people around.

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