Social entrepreneurs strive to solve burning issues in their local communities and national society by positing innovative solutions to social problems.

The idea behind the project ‘Youth Empowerment Through Social Entrepreneurship “We Care” (YES, WE CARE)’ is aimed at developing skills of youth to appreciate the community, the environment and their participation in the social and political processes as well as to work on sustainable businesses in the field of social entrepreneurship (SE).

Our Story

The project intends to inspire youth to build up their network and be engaged in entrepreneurial activities around certain societal issues, caring for the homeless, sick or elderly, becoming aware of preserving the nature or helping vulnerable groups.

With this project, we initiate a network of conscious young activists and social entrepreneurs from Europe and Africa who are working to educate, liberate, and empower the youth in their local communities through spreading of social consciousness and development.

The project wants to support the encouragement of creating social businesses as possible new ways of sustainability can guarantee the income for youth being aware of the difficulties and socio-economic problems that some African as we all as European regions are dealing with.

This joint program can contribute to youth organizations development and could increase their sustainability worldwide.

The project connects the business sector with non-governmental organizations in Europe and in the regions in Africa. We can learn from each other how to be more socially responsible as well as more sustainable.  The project is also connected to the UN adoption of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Do you want to know more about social entrepreneurship in Europe and Africa? Or maybe you would like to browse through the great social businesses, ideas and connectors that were mapped during the implementation of our project?
The answers on these questions  and many more useful information for social entrepreneurship can be found in the Booklet of Inspiration for Social Entrepreneurship in Europe and Africa produced as part of  Youth Empowerment Through Social Entrepreneurship “We Care” (YES, WE CARE)’ project.