Yes We Care Too – Kick Off Meeting in Zimbabwe

In the heart of Harare, in the southern African country, Zimbabwe started our journey within our second edition of the project “Youth Empowerment Through Social Entrepreneurship – We Care (YES, We Care 2)”

The purpose of this second edition of the project is aimed at developing skills of youth to appreciate the community, the environment and their participation in finding a solution on persisting social issues as well as to work on sustainable businesses in the field of social entrepreneurship.

Representatives from Macedonia  Austria,  Romania,  Zimbabwe,  Namibia and  Mozambique gathered together for a 4 days discussion, planning future activities within the project and sharing thoughts on social entrepreneurship in Europe & Africa.

The innovativeness that we want to present with this project is primarily the combination of different experiences and views on social entrepreneurship, as well as through the exchange of know-how.

During this kick-off meeting, partners worked together in groups and discussed financial matters, fears, expectations, and contributions. Seminars, workshops, meetings will take place both in Africa and Europe which will help youth from the local communities to be educated and empowered through spreading of social consciousness and development.

The next activity will be a study visit in Mozambique at the begging of July where project partners will have the opportunity to visit social enterprises in order to create a clearer picture of the eco-system in this African country.

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