Laundry! Simple but effective idea of social business. Currently employing 24 people in the village of Slovakia called Valaská, region Banská Bystrica. Where 30 tons of laundry are being washed in a month.

“There are 50% Roma and 50% non-Roma people employed, and we do not divide it very much. We rather divide people to those who want and those who do not want,” is saying Ivan Mako, from Young Roma Association.

This project that is based in the building of the reconstructed old factory gives the opportunity to work for people who were long-term unemployed, for mothers, single mothers with children, disabled, young people, but also for persons over 50 years old. The work in the laundry is being given even to people that have not been working even 15 and more years, which is a huge step towards boosting of their self-confidence. WASCO functions as the community centre and with its work significantly contributes to the general development of the region.

“Such and similar projects could arise throughout Slovakia. They can offer services that the market needs, but they are not financially interesting for commercial firms, “ says Ivan Mako

More at: https://www.facebook.com/pracovnawasco/

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