The first student think-tank and implementation center for ecological-social projects, initiatives and companies in Vienna.

Many students are studying at the universities, but once they graduate they are missing the practical experience. If we quote Leonardo da Vinci “Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.”

Looking for something that can create the space for young people to discover and fulfil their real potential, the [SIC!] – Students‘ Innovation Centre came into existence. The [SIC!] supports sustainable projects, initiatives, and enterprises at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. It provides support, orientation, and space for implementing ideas and enables communication with other universities, businesses, and much more.  

“Our vision is a world in which all students are aware of their potential for change and have the courage and the ability to implement ideas for a holistically sustainable future”, say THE [SIC!] team members.

With the help of the [SIC!], these students acquire the necessary skills to implement ecological and social initiatives with a positive effect on society and nature. The [SIC!] provides a safe framework and encourages you to try ideas. It strengthens the self-esteem and the courage to initiate change. A culture of respect, drive and dedication creates an atmosphere that fosters individual development and ongoing learning.

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