What if marginalized youth create social enterprises and job opportunities for their peers, using their wounded past as a competitive advantage for social impact? Transforming challenges into opportunities Etienne Salborn came to Uganda as a volunteer 11 years ago helping in the orphanage house. Going back and forth he found the way how to …

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Educate!’s programs are designed to give students the skills to solve poverty for themselves and their communities. We deliver our practical, skills-based model of education by partnering with existing secondary schools. The program model is driven by the amazing people involved – the students, mentors, and teachers in these partner schools, Mentor Emma. In 2002 …

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“I and my siblings suffered tremendously right away from childhood which compromised our essential and basic rights to food, shelter, medical care and education”. Arigye Allan was born in a village called Nyamengo in Mayengo Division in Katuna Town Council, Kabale district in South Western Uganda, with the Border with Rwanda. Born from the family …

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