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It was in 2014 when Nyesiga Damiano and Myheirwe Enoch graduated from University with Bachelor’s Degrees after which unemployment welcomed them with a grotesque face. They thought of how best they could overcome this challenge that had made most youth all over the country desperate. Having thought of it, they… Read More
“We give special attention to those in particular involuntarily dropping out of school at the primary level since they are the most vulnerable to all sources of crime, including early marriage with its related impact”, Gerald Areebahona, the current Director of the School. Drucilla Balaba Vocational School whose mission is… Read More
Before the start of the Paradise Eco-Hub Foundation located at Itambira Island in Lake Bunyonyi in South-Western Uganda ten years ago, communities around Lake Bunyonyi were becoming poor and poorer when outsiders would come, buy their land, invest and become richer and richer. The project mobilised and organised community members… Read More