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We support refugees in becoming software developers. Studies and figures regularly show that refugees are not easy in the European labour market. The Vienna start-up Refugees {Code} provides refugees with programming to increase their chances of finding a good job. "We offer short, intensive programming courses to integrate refugees into the Austrian… Read More
Refugees´ potential is becoming displaced and accessible to the labour market while combating the negative stereotypes persistent in the society. MTOP is an integrative training program that uses 2 different programs (associate and ambassador programs) to integrate fugitive academics into companies in a sustainable manner. MTOP believes that it is… Read More
Everyone is welcome to play. Everyone is welcome to listen. Open Piano for Refugees aims to include all people from all walks of life to connect through music. Therefore, we place freely accessible grand pianos in public places and establish the music institute ''Doremi''. Apart from the pedestrians playing, there… Read More