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“Pakomak” is a social enterprise established to recycle packaging waste and also to raise awareness among the citizens about the importance of recycling. It is one of most recognized, non-profitable companies that engage for better society and environment in Macedonia. Filip Ivanovski, CEO of “Pakomak” encourages youth to start their… Read More
“We give special attention to those in particular involuntarily dropping out of school at the primary level since they are the most vulnerable to all sources of crime, including early marriage with its related impact”, Gerald Areebahona, the current Director of the School. Drucilla Balaba Vocational School whose mission is… Read More
The residents of Kisii and the neighbouring towns seemed to be in need of ICT services but they didn’t know who to exactly turn to for these services and products or where to start. Until a youth from the locality stood up for the task. Kenya is considered a vibrant… Read More