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Before the start of the Paradise Eco-Hub Foundation located at Itambira Island in Lake Bunyonyi in South-Western Uganda ten years ago, communities around Lake Bunyonyi were becoming poor and poorer when outsiders would come, buy their land, invest and become richer and richer. The project mobilised and organised community members… Read More
''If you want to hide something from African, hide it in a book,'' I used to hear this phrase repeated so many times by my colleagues and one day I couldn't take it any more! I quit my full-time job and with the little savings I had, I decided that I… Read More
Animal toys like Girrafes, Elephants, Rhinos, Warthog tortoise and many others created out of the worn out flip-flops. Benson started in a very humble beginning at the roadside in his home area in Ngong Nairobi. One day of November in the year 2013, Benson woke up, being tired of long in… Read More
“If you are going to get anything done in Africa, in Kenya and by extension in my region Kisii, then you have got to be made of steel.  Nobody has ever done it best. In fact, people don’t know how to do it.” Mayaka, a son of peasant farmer mother… Read More
“We don’t choose where we are born, nor do we choose the life in which our parents bring us up in. We find ourselves in single-choice situations, and no matter the viability of the available choice, we must go for it." begins her story, Alice Reviewing her life events Alice… Read More
Fabien Akimana, the Founder of Abien arts centre helping children discover their artistic talents. Fabien attended the first ever Children Summit in 2004 where the President of the Republic of Rwanda HE. Paul Kagame addressed the gathering, he left the place as a changed man. He suddenly had a new resolve; to positively impact children in whatever capacity that would… Read More
Due to the standard of living and level of living amongst the one of the local Kenyan surrounding community in Maasai region of Kajiado County, Charles being the pioneer and the chairman of Orly Rover Crew came together and decided to develop their daily business of selling water in jerricans… Read More