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''If you want to hide something from African, hide it in a book,'' I used to hear this phrase repeated so many times by my colleagues and one day I couldn't take it any more! I quit my full-time job and with the little savings I had, I decided that I… Read More
“I was simply led by my passion of bringing people and connecting them to new ideas and experiences together!”  We are visiting Impact Hub Kigali, in the capital of Rwanda. Community-driven and creatively- artistic spirit is felt from outside already.  Jon Stever is welcoming us and explaining how he founded the Office in October 2012, which became the… Read More
For idea stage development of social business ideas, Impact Hub Vienna started a one-year education program for students called Social Impact Award. Impact HUB Vienna is part of a worldwide network of shared working spaces bringing together people coming from different backgrounds but all striving towards social change. The Impact… Read More