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AWARDS FOR SOCIAL ENTERPRISE SOZIAL MARIE : Project type: Ongoing Eligible countries: Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany AWARD FOR SOCIAL INTEGRATION : Project type: Ongoing or completed Eligible countries: Countries in Central, Eastern, and South-Eastern Europe Ideen Gegen Armut : Project type: Business idea/early stage Eligible… Read More
In 2013, the Vienna University of Economics & Business conducted a report which maps out the current state of the social entrepreneurship network in Austria. The study identified 237 initiatives in the country, and interviewed 105 of them. It reveals that in addition to these, the Austrian social entrepreneurship network also includes… Read More
In July 2016, TechCrunch published an article titled “Austria: The up-and-coming early-stage investment capital of Europe”.  To many, Austria can seem like a country of the past, one whose very charm lies in the fact that its best days are behind it. The Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed almost 100 years ago, and,… Read More
Innovation drivers for the High-Tech Material “Bark”. Understanding concepts of nature and developing products with care and care is for us, not just a commercial slogan. The relationship with the rural region and the use of local raw materials is a special concern for us. This enables us to combine quality… Read More
Refugees´ potential is becoming displaced and accessible to the labour market while combating the negative stereotypes persistent in the society. MTOP is an integrative training program that uses 2 different programs (associate and ambassador programs) to integrate fugitive academics into companies in a sustainable manner. MTOP believes that it is… Read More
Everyone is welcome to play. Everyone is welcome to listen. Open Piano for Refugees aims to include all people from all walks of life to connect through music. Therefore, we place freely accessible grand pianos in public places and establish the music institute ''Doremi''. Apart from the pedestrians playing, there… Read More
For idea stage development of social business ideas, Impact Hub Vienna started a one-year education program for students called Social Impact Award. Impact HUB Vienna is part of a worldwide network of shared working spaces bringing together people coming from different backgrounds but all striving towards social change. The Impact… Read More