Susamati – Why Flies are Good in the Toilet…

In a country where almost 23 million out of 30 million inhabitants have no access to proper sanitation, this is a big problem but comes also with big opportunities.

The idea comes as a result of a biological urban sanitation project which was financed by Via Water that ended in December 2018. During this project Manuel Lelio Gungulo and his team came up with the idea to address this issue with a very simple, cheap and sustainable toilet that uses as little as one cup of water for each flush. Perfect for every Mozambican household with limited access to water.

The toilet is called “Pia Fantastica”, a toilet that besides being colourful and being the cheapest sanitation solution on the market, is made on concrete so is very resistant.
Manuel Gungulo and his team are also currently testing the use of Black Soldier fly larvae that inoculated in the pit, can consume the faecal sludge reducing the need for emptying. In addition to Pia Fantastica and the BSF larvae he want to promote environmental awareness campaigns in the neighbourhoods about sanitation, hygiene and environmental health. The ideas of Susamati was prized last year as top 3 best solutions for Africa and Top 16 globally by the Climate Launchpad.

He also want to implement a training program for young entrepreneurs who are learning more about sanitation and focusing on marketing and entrepreneurship so that they become autonomous promoters of the products of Susmatis. Just now they are operating in Maputo but they are planning to expand to other provinces.

For more information, please visit Susmatis Facebook page.

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