Studentist – The App That Makes Dental Care Affordable to Thousands of Romanians

Many of us take dental care for granted, but unfortunately, for thousands and thousands of people, paying for such services is not an option.  Studentist comes to their aid, while also helping dental students who need to complete their studies. The app is very well adapted to the Romanian reality, where many people still cannot cover their medical expenses when it comes to dental care. More exactly, 66% of Romanians don’t visit the dentist yearly[1].


Meanwhile, every dental student needs to do practical work on actual patients in order to graduate, but finding them does prove to be challenging, especially when it comes to identifying patients with specific problems.

Studentist solves these problems by connecting the students with the patients, who receive free treatment. The user-friendly interface makes the whole experience simple and accessible to anyone with access to a smartphone. The treatment is provided under the supervision of a specialist and covers a wide range of dental problems.

As soon as the app was launched, hundreds of students and patients started using it, the reviews being overwhelmingly positive. Studentist really creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

The app was developed by a young team, composed of Mario Vasile, a developer, and Ana-Maria Moldovan, a dental student, who were both very aware of this problem through their own personal experiences, as Mario explains:

“Ana-Maria always had trouble finding patients. She would waste a lot of time on Facebook groups or sticking posters around town. And many other students will struggling just like her. Being a programmer, I decided to help her tackle this problem. Ana-Maria came up with the name and the design. Everything you see is her work”.

Throughout the development phase, several programmers offered their time and energy for free for developing the app, which  is available for both IoS and Android. The results encouraged them to work even harder, as the founders say themselves:

“We have the chance to help people, to learn from them and make them smile.” – explain Ana Maria and Mario.

The app attracted a lot of attention, especially as the project was the European winner of the project MYouth, thus representing the continent at the European Youth Awards in Austria, 2018. Due to the connections made at the event, it was revealed that the very same situation exists in other countries, like Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which would provide opportunities for expansion.

Currently the app is available for downloads and connects students and patients al around Romania. The next steps are to expand it to new cities and find a solution to ensure financial sustainability on the long term. Currently the team is looking for enthusiastic developers who want to work on a problem that truly matters. Anyone who has ever had a toothache can attest to that.

For more information, please click here, or visit Studentist Facebook page.

Photo credits – Studentist and Mladiinfo International

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