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Elga Angelina Victor Manuel, Antonio Armando Cebola, Amilcar Canda. Thats the group! They are working on the project “Stars of the future”, in Portuguese “Estrelas do futuro”.

Every one of them working for the Organisation ESSOR. The organisation aims to help the most vulnerable populations to acquire the means to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way. Its support is given in the creation and practice of concrete actions facilitating the appropriation of local development processes. These actions emphasize the exercise of citizenship and social justice in these countries.

The group around Amilcar got a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of social work and education with the projects they are doing with ESSOR. Now they start to step by step forward and develop their own project.

The heart of “Stars of the future” is a cultural centre in the small city of Dondo in Mozambique. It will be constructed beside the existing library and is planned to be a place for cultural activities like music school, craft workshops for recycling art and theatre. The concept is to create a space where everybody can rent an event room for cultural activities for little money. The small rent should cover all running cost of the centre, like maintenance, water, electricity and a centre manager.

The team that is going to construct the centre will also provide their services of helping people to get their identification cards or other official documents, which very is difficult for many people due to the lack of information and the lack of money to pay the fees.

For cross financing the project at the beginning, the three co-founders will give paid school workshops about environment protection in primary and secondary schools. They will use the materials that is already existing due to various projects of ESSOR in that area.

When the first centre in Dondo will be financially sustainable and is well attended they have a plan to expand that project to 4 additional city districts.

For more information, please visit Stars of the future official web site.

Photo Credits: Johannes Raher (Young Africa Mozambique)

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