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E-commerce is a growing trend almost everywhere in the world, as societies are becoming more and more technologically dependent. Nowadays, e-commerce is the solution to issues arising from high costs and human errors, and is a fast, convenient path to efficient information and products. What is more, it is an ideal place to start if you are new to the market, and lack the money to invest in startup costs. Likewise, e-commerce is labor-saving in terms of merchandising and promotion, and can do more good than harm for your business.

On the other hand, there is always room for innovations and good intentions even in a profit-driven sector, such as e-commerce. All it takes is caring about a cause and having a vision. For instance, a new brand,, is about to become the first regional E-commerce platform for Entrepreneurship Support in the Republic of Macedonia, while simultaneously prioritizing social impact. was conceived with a vision to promote social inclusion and fight poverty through self-employment, while expanding their impact around the world through a platform that makes sharing easier, with an accent on socially marginalized people, single parents with an accent on women, who have some creative hobby.

To put it another way, is a platform that will provide a safe environment for regional entrepreneurs, artisans, designers and artists, in which they will grow their small businesses, by selling and promoting their products within their own online shop, without a participation fee. Besides, it will provide advices for startups; effective marketing and brand awareness. Their objectives include combating rural unemployment, by utilizing traditional and modern techniques, connecting artisans with young designers so that they can create modern ethno pieces, and place them on the market.

“With us it is about connection, more than just a transaction” – states Iva, the young, ambitious founder of is the first online platform through which craftsmen and domestic producers from the Republic of Macedonia will have the opportunity to promote and sell their products, to generate income and develop their domestic activities and hobbies into small, profitable businesses. On top of everything, a percentage of earnings from this platform, will be allocated to help citizens from vulnerable categories and victims of domestic violence. Likewise, the profit will be reinvested to achieve a concrete social change through innovative approaches to sustainable and balanced development.

By all means, is going to be a place where you work with passion and your story belongs.

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