Social Impact Award Macedonia

A platform that solves global problems, creates an impact and influences the society.

“For me, Social Impact Lab is one stop shop for all young people and enthusiasts who really want to tackle different social challenges. Here we equipped the future change makers with the basic knowledge and skills for starting their own social enterprise and we help early startups to grow, doing it with a lot of passion and determination for creation of a better world” – says Marija Matovska, Program Coordinator and one of the team members at the Lab.

Solving global problems, creating impact and influencing in the society is the main motivation for the Social Impact Lab (SIL). It is a space for entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, techies, designers, corporate professionals, freelancers, students who are working on the establishment of their future ventures and developing their potential. At this moment the Lab is working from Skopje, Macedonia with an aim to address a social or environmental issue, and they are trying to strength and reshape the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship in the country.

“I love Social Impact Lab, because is one unique space where we offer mentoring, coaching, incubation, acceleration workshops, events and networking. At the Lab, I found a place for personal and professional growth and source of inspiration. Helping business to grow, building the ecosystem and developing economy are the drivers that move me forward.” – pointed out Kristijan Mileski, also a Program Coordinator and part of the SIL team.

Also, Social Impact Lab runs several types of programs and projects dedicated to foster social entrepreneurship and reestablish cooperation with all relevant players.

Social Impact LAB

Social Impact Award (SIA)

The mission of the Social Impact Award (SIA) is to offer young people and students one entrepreneurial journey that will make social difference. They support young innovators in building social enterprises that address the most challenging issues of our time. Hosting events and organizing workshops to raise awareness for social entrepreneurship, teaching the necessary skills to turn their idea or a plan to a promising enterprise, providing access to networks are the keys for the SIA team.

Investment Ready Program

Investment Ready is a unique 4-month program for entrepreneurs from Central – and Eastern Europe creating scalable solutions to societal problems. The main goal of this program is to create impact ventures ready for investment, growth and international impact.

Also it is a platform for investors and entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate and to maximize the impact.

Social Impact LAB

“Solve it” – Social Entrepreneurship Educational Programme

Solve It is a program that is consisted of series of workshops, which helps young people interested in doing something with positive impact, to learn about social entrepreneurship and develop new ideas. The main target group of the program are young people and students.

During the program, participants gain an understanding of social entrepreneurship and its potential to solve problems in society.

Social Innovators Conference

In 2016, the 1st Social Innovators Conference was launched in Skopje, inspired by the idea that social innovation can bring positive inspiration and transformation to a community. Dozens of partners, volunteers and passionate people from Central and Eastern Europe answered the call to help create Skopje’s first regional Social Innovators Conference.

The very next year another Social Innovators Conference 2017 happened. There was a lot of networking, know-how exchange, fun – but especially real-life experience from 9 outstanding social entrepreneurs across Europe.

Social Impact LAB

Raw & Grow

The idea behind this project for organic production is to empower adults through exchange of experience, to gain an opportunity to learn, practice, and promote organic and sustainable production as one of the ways to self-employment, establishing own business and introducing innovative entrepreneurship. Another aspect of the project is the development of new project in the adult’s local communities, thereby enhancing their skills, knowledge and transforming them into more active citizens of the society.

The Raw and Grow project’s sustainability lies in its environmental impact and the promotion of healthy living.

One of the main partners of SIL is Association for Education Mladiinfo International. Thought its channels, Mladiinfo disseminates the activities and results of SIL’s work as well as brings social entrepreneurship opportunities closer to youth.

If you are willing to find organization/platform that will help you on this journey then Social Impact Lab is the right place for you!

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