Seed of Life – Excellent for the Health, Excellent for our Planet

Seed of Life is a health food company from Negotino, North Macedonia, that produces organic, raw, and “guilt-free” food in the form of crackers and bars. They strive to make best gently-processed food without harmful additives and purest allergy-free ingredients. Their products are raw, live vegan food, packed with vitamins, enzymes, and omega 3. The goal is to apply minimal processing and make it as appealing as the regular comfort foods we consume.

In the processing, they use temperature up to 45 degrees Celsius. They believe in low glycemic index foods that curb your cravings and produce long-lasting peace of mind and tummy.

What sets them apart is that their team is focused on helping customers achieve healthy lifestyle, and taking care of themselves. Interestingly, their team consists of seven passionate and hard-working women, who relentlessly explore and work on developing new products and introducing novel foods.

“We started ‘Seed of Life’ to enable people to have access to healthy, sustainable food as life becomes increasingly dynamic, and organic food should be an affordable luxury.” – explains Biljana Karapandzova, one of the co-founders of Seed of Life.

Since January 2019, their strategy is production of organic and certified products that are gluten-free, vegan, raw, and without added sugar. As of now, they have 10 products that are for sale, including 4 types of raw crackers and 6 types of healthy energy bars.

“Every product is made with a lot of love and attention. Macedonian and worldwide markets have offers of similar products, however, the one thing that makes us different from the others is the unique combination of seeds and spices and magical tastes that require a lot of research and development.” – adds Sofija Shutova – who heads the product development at the firm.

The demand for organic products worldwide increases the perspective of launching domestic products at different markets. Biljana also says that the interest and awareness of Macedonian buyers for organic and raw food are increasing. Despite that, a small number of farmers are producing organic food.

Seed of Life is always looking to collaborate with domestic partners. Also, the number of companies that make certified products is very small, so some of their seeds are imported from the neighboring countries. Seed of Life believes there is further room for improvement and  the development of a local eco-system of organic food producers in Macedonia.

Although “Seed of Life” products are used by consumers of any age, they are very pleased that they made an impact on the kids who eagerly accepted their organic products. The company’s representatives affirm the health benefits their products carry; as a result of that, a large number of people with health issues complement their meals with the “Seed of Life” products. According to the company, a large number of consumers are always surprised that their product is organic and 100% Macedonian production. Their products are available at every big supermarket around the country and they also do weekend promotions there.

“Seed of Life” dreams big. The company’s management strategy brings them to a very promising direction for acquiring new markets. They already started placing products in Croatia and Czech Republic and are already in the late phase of negotiating for placement at the French, German and the United Arab Emirates market. They say that they always analyze new markets and opportunities and always are following current market trends.

They also have plans for the Macedonian market where they constantly work on new products.

For more information, please check Seed of Life official web page and their Facebook page.

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