Relevant Awards for Social Entrepreneurship 

Public sector support to social enterprises consists mainly of financial support to SÖBs and GBPs. Others schemes, financed by public funds (like the UGP or aws business support), are accessible to social enterprises and steps have been taken to better adapt these tools to the needs of social enterprises. 

Besides, there are many, often new, private initiatives supporting social enterprises. Many of them are interlinked. For example :

– Peter Vandor, researcher and lecturer at WU Vienna, is the initiator of the course on Social Entrepreneurship and contributes to research in this area. But he is also founder and academic director of the Social Impact Award, which is coordinated by the Impact Hub Vienna;

– Ashoka is on the advisory board of Pioneers of Change. Christian Felber, who is among the initiators of the movement « Economy for the Common Good » and the Bank for the Common Good, is also a speaker at Pioneers of Change.

In addition, useful map for all stakeholders in Austria, dating from 2015: 

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