Asylum seekers do not have free access to the labour market. However, under certain conditions, we match asylum seekers with volunteering positions or apprenticeships.

Last year more than 1.3 million people applied for the asylum in the European Union. Out of which 90.000 applied in Austria. Many of these people have education, skills and talents. However, the access to the labour market or to further education is very limited for them.

Looking for something that can create the space for young people to discover and fulfil their real potential, the [SIC!] – Students‘ Innovation Centre came into existence. The [SIC!] supports sustainable projects, initiatives, and enterprises at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. It provides support, orientation, and space for implementing ideas and enables communication with other universities, businesses, and much more. came into existence because of the main belief, that the work is the key to integration as it helps people to integrate socially by getting to know the culture, language and local population, but at the same time also economically. is a charitable initiative that connects refugees with employers in order to help refugees find legal working and education opportunities which are in line with their skills.

“By this, we are aiming to promote the social and economic integration of refugees in Austria and make their potential available to the Austrian labour market” tell us the founders of the platform.

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