Refugees {Code}

We support refugees in becoming software developers.

The refugees are {coding} their lives into Europe. Studies and figures regularly show that refugees are not easy on the European labour market. The Vienna start-up Refugees {Code} provides refugees with programming to increase their chances of finding a good job.

Refugees{code} offers refugees a program to develop coding and software development skills, free of charge. The program’s goal is to lead to job placements, create a perspective of self-determination, and lead to sustainable long-term integration through work and skills.

Refugees {Code}

“We offer short, intensive programming courses to integrate refugees into the Austrian labour market and to react to the high demand for software developers. Basically, this course is for all people who are interested in learning to code. From beginners to advanced and experienced developers, there are tasks and projects for every skill level!” say the founders of the idea

More at the official website.
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