Café where you can your coffee served by cheerful waiters. Not so common. Even less common that this café is employing 6 trained disabled people and two other employees.

Petra, Michaela, Jana, Tibor, Juraj and Martin, in co-operation with the hotel academy, have learned to prepare coffee, mixed drinks, and also have got the basics of English. When you enter on some of them the handicap is not visible at the first sight, only after starting the communication.

This small café is located in the very center of Bratislava old town, in the Museum of City, with a capacity of 20-25 guests offers besides drinks also cakes and products from other protected workshops.

“Café could be transformed into a training center for other disabled workers, as the previous employees of the unique café are already employed elsewhere. Work has been found for them in the open labor market, what is our long-term goal,” says Viera Záhorcová, Statutory Officer from the Civic Association Inclusion, founder of the sheltered workshop.


Location of the café in “the heart of town” is not a coincidence, you can feel the warmness, friendliness, and politeness in the café straight after entering. Juraj, the only one with Down’s syndrome will show you around and make sure you are well-settled. He is a?very polite, real gentleman to be found. If you are a woman, it is not unusual that when leaving he would kiss your hand and wish you to „Take a?good care of yourself!“

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