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“Creative approaches and innovations, through re-use of waste and its exploitation that is what PURE JUNK stands for.“

It is written by a simple life of young people, who despite the minimal experience in the field of business, very little experience in the field of craft, wanted to do what they enjoyed the most and tried to compete with big companies that have 10,000 investments. PURE JUNK started the whole business from the scratch. The idea of setting up PURE JUNK was set up in 2014 at the Startup Weekend in Žilina, where I did not even know that such a project could also have a business background says Majka Demjanovicová, founder of the social business PURE JUNK.

What was the main cause for you to take this challenge?

Majka: The main motivation and passion at that time was definitely doing something extra. I have been feeling “unused” in school, although there was a lot of input and we had what to do, I knew that the school was simply not enough. That’s why I was looking for a lot of side activities and PURE JUNK was one of them. It was a strange thing that lasted only after school, and even more, it has turned out to be currently the project that can call “My dreaming is coming true”.

Pure Junk
If we are talking about social entrepreneurship, it solves burning issues concerning different aspects and bringing innovative solutions to social problems. What social aspect in particular is the project of yours addressing?

Majka: We are dealing with recycling of waste wood. Whether it is old roof trusses or building blocks, as well as pallets that do not meet the standards and are automatically dumped after use. Likewise, we also give a chance to other material, not just wood. We also use old furniture or various pieces of metal, which are increasingly used in our country, in combination with wood.

As a young person starting such a project you really needed lots of courage and belief to do so. Didn’t you? You also said that you didn’t have experience in work itself not to talk about the business environment. What are your main struggles?

Majka: Exactly, as a person who never came into contact with business, I definitely had the biggest problem with this legal part of the project. The legislation, accounting, and everything that has nothing to do with the performance of a given job, but unnecessary for doing business. Right from the beginning, we got our “lessons learnt” when creating a company. Since we did not have a clear idea of what we were doing and what we were doing, we set up only a self-employed contact that was actually disadvantageous for us and cost us unnecessarily much more money because of fees that we had to pay. We could have avoided these spendings with another type of the company establishment, such as e.g. Ltd. Still, I keep uncovering the weak spots in this area and I’m still looking for a system that would be less overwhelming and more efficient. For this reason, I have now only one advice: “What you do not understand, simply do not do it!” This is why we have one very good accountant who has been solving these questions for us.

Pure Junk
WE CARE project intends to inspire young creative people to build up their network and be engaged in entrepreneurial activities. You are one of the social entrepreneurs at the moment in Slovakia. What would you like to advise to young people in regions that have the feeling of struggling with the issues of limited opportunities, resources, unemployment and want to run their own social business?

Majka: Do not worry, ask and be active! Look for opportunities where you can learn new information about the business and also meet new people. Everything is about contacts and the people around you. You never know who you meet, it may be your new client or business partner, but in any case, every new person can teach you something in one way or another.

Moreover, if you decide to make your own project, then to not give up, ask and do not satisfy yourself with what you have already achieved! Talk about yourself in a modest way, but show the others what you are doing. Obviously, we are not the best, but that does not mean that it will not help us get at least closer there.

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