What makes them different is the inclination towards social entrepreneurship, which encourages positive social change and social inclusion of all clients that fully complete the program? Their team is dedicated to promote change, building healthy lifestyles and providing customer care at the highest level, using the latest proven effective methods and techniques.

Therapeutic community “POKROV” is the first long-term rehabilitation program of withdrawal from drugs, alcohol and hazard in Macedonia, established in 2009 and structured on the principle of the global therapeutic communities. The therapeutic community model is based on modern methods of withdrawal from alcohol, drugs and hazard including integrated approach to professional psychotherapy: CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), systemic family psychotherapy and therapeutic community method.

They treat addiction as a disorder of the whole individual, therefore the program is oriented towards changing the negative identity and lifestyle of the individual, for which the social structure in the therapeutic community is necessary and extremely useful.

What to expect in the therapeutic community POKROV? In the first place are therapeutic activities, which are dedicated to group, individual, or family therapy. Supporting activities are related to occupational therapy; seminars, courses and training; sports activities; and leisure activities.



… I like the fact that the members of the community are honest, and I enjoy the positive atmosphere. If you have motivation and willingness as a client, the team will do everything necessary to encourage you to complete the program successfully. Its team consists of professionals, who understand our problem and they are committed to help us.…

In my opinion, POKROV is the only therapeutic community in the region, which according to all the criteria and norms can perfectly match my needs. Even though my cry for help was desperate, the fear ingrained by previous experiences I had with similar communities was overwhelming, and it did not allow me to even think about going back to whatever type of institution. After all, the fear of death was greater, and I knew that if I didn’t take any measures, sadly my life would end in a short time! I dared one day to visit the center with my parents, just to see how it worked. I was positively surprised. It was my decision. I came home, packed my bags and walked the path toward recovery.

POKROV as a social enterprise achieves significant contribution to the welfare of the society and environment and promotes entrepreneurial spirit. It achieves economic results and uses the profit for community development. On the other side, it offers new services and opportunities, most commonly for marginalized groups. Its economic activities are chiefly based on the development of organic farming.

The main goal of the social enterprise POKROV is work integration of the vulnerable groups (people with the drug problem, alcohol and hazard), thus sustainable jobs become available for them, after the recovery process in the therapeutic community POKROV. The only condition for admission in POKROV is goodwill and motivation to recover.
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