Orly Rover Crew Enterprise

Due to the standard of living and level of living amongst the one of the local Kenyan surrounding community in Maasai region of Kajiado County, Charles being the pioneer and the chairman of Orly Rover Crew came together and decided to develop their daily business of selling water in jerricans into a social entrepreneurship.

Community members have been walking for long distance and make long queues due to poor water supply. In this, the chairman and the members of the crew have come up with this idea and already have started selling the idea to the community on how they will work together. That is, instead of the people going all the way to the river to fetch water or to the supply points, they will be fetching and supplying water to the people’s homes at a fee, daily and weekly. This business idea will of help both to the Crew members and to the community.

Orly Rover Crew Enterprise

There will be an agreement on the number of litres to be fetched per day to each home. The members shall use wheelbarrows and handcarts to fetch this water. This will reduce the problem of water unto the community and as well create employment to the crew members and more to be engaged in this business. Every home will assist with 2 to 3 jerricans of 20ltrs to the Crew which will be used to ferry water to them. The cost of water per jerrican shall be Kshs. 20 and this is inclusive of Kshs. 5 which is for the water delivery.

This will help the community by reducing the amount of time they used to take by going to fetch water and they will be able to do more things at their homes. The group members shall have to subdivide themselves into groups and Charles being the chairman will be following up on each and every group performance to make sure the people who are in need of water are well supplied with it.

Orly Rover Crew Enterprise
The idea has been welcomed in a good way by a number of the community members, who have seen the importance of this business to them and as well they have seen this business shall create an employment unto the unemployed youths who are members of this Crew and more who will be involved in it. The local leaders have as well been given the idea and have given input by appreciating and information Charles on behalf of the group members, which they should make sure they do a clean business and supply clean water to the people. This being a social entrepreneurship will be involving a number of stakeholders who will be following up with all parties who are to be involved in it. The business is set and ready to kick off with it’s on developing this business into social entrepreneurship.

Charles says, “as the business grows, we plan to buy a lorry for water supply which will make our work more easier and enable us to supply and be able to serve more people in a day.”

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