Olupandu Foundation – Digitalizing Nambian Schools

Namibia Economic Growth Summit 2019 concluded on how to close gaps in Namibia through digitalization, a process of changing from analogue to digital form. Information communications technology (ICT) has the power to renovate society.

Olupandu Foundation aims to move Namibia to a digital country by providing ICT and programming training to the youth that doesn’t have access and cannot afford computers and ICT training. As a brief synopsis, Olupandu Foundation is a Namibian community based non-profit Organisation registered in 2017, which seeks to uplift and sustain the livelihood of children, youth and low income people through community based ICT and programming skills development activities. They believe this will help the quality services and improve efficiency, easy access to education (digitalize way of learning), digitalize financial inclusion by creating a digital hub to facilitate trade and improve efficiency that enhance value creation. Olupandu Partners up with International companies to empower different Namibian Schools and youth by hosting (STEM e-Mentor program) Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Using the International University Of Management (IUM) Computer Lab facilities to offer the trainings,  Up to 30 learners benefit and experience an awesome time as the training exceeded their expectation (learned concepts on robotic/solar energy and Newton’s laws of motion). They have noticed that children in the informal areas are really talented kids and just need challenging resources to bring out the best in them.

They teach students the first lesson in programming, coding courses as well as balloon rocket assignment, drone programming and flying. In all the lessons, students are introduced to simple commands in a sequence to help them understand computer languages and receive a certificate of completion at the end.

All  courses are free and they raise funds to host these trainings, as well as  intend to train more schools and under privileged children in ICT around Namibia. The organization also face few challenges of availing to host the classes to + 30-40 students per session, as well as transportation, meals and volunteers in putting together the event.

For more information, please visit their official web page, and Instagram page.

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