The residents of Kisii and the neighbouring towns seemed to be in need of ICT services but they didn’t know who to exactly turn to for these services and products or where to start. Until a youth from the locality stood up for the task.

Kenya is considered a vibrant country in Eastern Africa and even Africa as a whole. Even notable is the fact that Kenya is one of the most advanced countries in ICT, battling it out with South Africa and Nigeria. On the western part of Kenya lies a medium sized town called Kisii. Kisii is economically vibrant as the country, Kenya; however, its ICT vibrancy is still dull.

Wycliffe Ombachi, a Computer Science graduate from Kenya’s Kenyatta University, started off by volunteering to do Web Design and Development for schools in his locality just to promote the schools’ statuses and the schools’ ICT embracement, as a back-to-society initiative since he schooled in this locality before proceeding to university. This raised interest from other schools and later businesses, companies and even individuals. Some of this interested parties demanded an official agreement in the undertaking of this Software Development task. To achieve this official status for contracting with the now rising number of interested parties, Wycliffe partnered with two other technologically enthusiastic partners in November 2015 to register a company, Niftecs Co. Ltd. Niftecs carries out a number of tasks that include developing quality and customer tailored Softwares, Mobile Applications, fancy Websites, superior Network Design, Configuration and Installation, and offering professional and standard ICT consultancy. Wycliffe and his team have laid out clear operational channels for carrying out their ICT projects.

“We start of by contacting a potential client and later on paying them a visit to discuss details of the task and how Niftecs can be of help to them.Next, my colleagues and I gather the relevant information and requirements that will facilitate the development of the Software product. Once the client is ready for the task, the agreement between the client and our company is outlined and finalized. As soon as everything is clearly defined, we embark on the task offered by the client, explains Wycliffe.
The task is carried out with constant consultation with the client to ensure that the final product /service are as per the client’s needs. Once the product is ready, Wycliffe and his team deploy a prototype for the client and any arising issues are fixed to make the product stable. At this point, any outstanding engagement and payment are finalized and the product is an officially handed offer to the client. However, Niftecs continues to offer free technical support to the client until they are fully conversant with the product.
“In addition to developing products for clients, we have set aside Thursdays as a brainstorming day with the aim of unearthing new ideas and products that can significantly contribute to the technology world. So far we have come up with great ideas that are in the implementation phase and they will shake technology to the core and turn Niftecs to a beyond-regional company.” says Wycliffe.
Wycliffe has had Niftecs divide its earning in the ration 5:3:2, i.e. 50% caters for company expenses, salaries, utility expenses, funding of their projects etc., 30% for company re-investment while 20% is for funding community services.
“In return we offer free ICT trainings for youths (via Niftecs for School (N4S) and Niftecs for Youths (N4Y) initiatives), we also sensitize the youths on availability of online jobs and how to make use of them, besides we educate the community on appropriate usage of social media platforms to avoid being taken advantage of and once in a while we carry out free computer clinics where we fix various computer problems for the community free of charge,” says Wycliffe.
Having the weeks and tasks clearly defined and approaching each task systematically and professionally with maximum client involvement makes the business successful. So far Neftecs successfully deployed a number of systems that include a School ERP system, a Financial Management System, a Business Operation and Revenue Tracking System, several websites among others. Where did they get some of the knowledge? Wycliffe together with his team participated in United Nation’s Hackathon of ICT for Climatic Change Control late last year.
“Our school ERP system for instance, recently this year received a national coverage by one of our daily national newspapers due to its uniqueness and comprehensiveness. We are determined to contribute immensely to ICT and enable people to operate smoothly and efficiently via the application of technology. We always aim and develop unique and quality products that can withstand the test of time, and that we at Niftecs say we give our clients “Tomorrow’s Technology Today”, concludes Wycliffe.
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