KONEKT – Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Konekt is a citizens’ association, founded in 2008, with the mission to encourage the concept of private donations and social responsibility in terms of an effective and long-term development of North Macedonia. The Association strives to become the key tool for connecting the donors with the civil sector by creating positive impact on the society and enables the constituents to implement their visions related to the changes they want to see in their communities. As part of its work, Konekt covers the areas of philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship and promotes UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. As the only

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Seed of Life – Excellent for the Health, Excellent for our Planet

Seed of Life is a health food company from Negotino, North Macedonia, that produces organic, raw, and “guilt-free” food in the form of crackers and bars. They strive to make best gently-processed food without harmful additives and purest allergy-free ingredients. Their products are raw, live vegan food, packed with vitamins, enzymes, and omega 3. The goal is to apply minimal processing and make it as appealing as the regular comfort foods we consume. In the processing, they use temperature up to 45 degrees Celsius. They believe in low glycemic index foods that curb your cravings and produce long-lasting peace of

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MaMaOrgana – the ECO Company

MamaOrgana is the first eco-social company in North Macedonia. On their web blog, you can find bits of advice, ideas, and DIY (do it yourself) projects. Their motto is “Let’s together contribute for a better tomorrow in a motherly modified environment.” Their main purpose is to bring back the passion for the natural way of life. Natalija Burgieva, the company’s owner explains: “Several years ago I was faced with serious health issues. Not in a single moment I thought to give up and use conventional, according to me very damaging medicinal treatments. So, I decided to do a little research.

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Treebanks – You Book Your Trip, We Plant a Tree for Free

Treebanks is a simple but powerful concept. With each booking customers make through their partners they plant a tree for free. It does not cost a dime and yet it helps fight off pollution and C02 in the long run. Their partners include websites like,, and The commission is used to plant trees and produce tree seeds. One of the owners of Treebanks, Mihail Stevcev explains: “The last few years, a large number of entrepreneurs are trying to find a solution for global warming. 2018 will be remembered as the year with the highest values of carbon

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