Pioneers of Change – Community of Innovators With Social Mission

“Pomali is a Caribbean island in the midst of Lower Austria.” says Martin Kirchner in an interview for a podcast and starts to laugh right after finishing this sentence. This statement about the co-housing project he founded and built with other progressive Austrians reveals his humorous, enthusiastic and smart personality. Martin Kirchner and his family started a new life in Pomali more than ten years ago. It became his base in life and it inspired a related project: “Pioneers Of Change”. Pioneers Of Change is a charitable and non-profit organization which focuses on “education for sustainable development”. It motivates, inspires

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Susamati – Why Flies are Good in the Toilet…

In a country where almost 23 million out of 30 million inhabitants have no access to proper sanitation, this is a big problem but comes also with big opportunities. The idea comes as a result of a biological urban sanitation project which was financed by Via Water that ended in December 2018. During this project Manuel Lelio Gungulo and his team came up with the idea to address this issue with a very simple, cheap and sustainable toilet that uses as little as one cup of water for each flush. Perfect for every Mozambican household with limited access to water.

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Stars of the Future – Planet Education

Elga Angelina Victor Manuel, Antonio Armando Cebola, Amilcar Canda. Thats the group! They are working on the project “Stars of the future”, in Portuguese “Estrelas do futuro”. Every one of them working for the Organisation ESSOR. The organisation aims to help the most vulnerable populations to acquire the means to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way. Its support is given in the creation and practice of concrete actions facilitating the appropriation of local development processes. These actions emphasize the exercise of citizenship and social justice in these countries. The group around Amilcar got a lot of knowledge and

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Horizonte de Crianças – A Brighter Horizon for Homeless Children

Neli is living in Beira, a city on the coastline of Mozambique. She has travelled to a lot of places and got a lot of experience and images from all around the world. But always when she is back in her hometown something makes her restless. Seeing a number of kids out there living on the streets, begging for some food or some money, just made her look out for a solution. Together with a few friends she made a plan to create a safe space for those children and give them a brighter future. Not all children who are

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