Lenkerbande – Providing All Kinds of Bike Related Services

In 2015 the demand for affordable mobility started to raise with the number of refugees coming to Vienna. Back then the founders of Lenkerbande were working in various projects. In 2018 they decided to bundle those activities and experiences within a new organization called Lenkerbande. Nowadays Lenkerbande provides all kinds of bike related services beyond the services of regular bike shops. Some people cannot afford a bike, some would rather do things themselves and some simply had bad experiences with purely profit oriented treatment one can get in some bike shops. Lenkerbande fixes, recycles and donates used bicycles in do-it-yourself

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Die Fairmittlerei – Vienna Start-up Against Wastefulness

More than 2 thousand tons of unused drugstore items are thrown away by their producing companies annually – just in Austria. Blemishes like wrong or misplaced labels or out-faded product series make products unsellable for companies, but not unusable by their potential buyers. While on the costumers’ end second-hand stores already give clothes and other products a second life, on the side of the producer there is still work to do to save waste and resources. Michael K. Reiter, in his marketing position at a well-known FMCG company, saw this potential and combined it with a social idea: why not

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Vollpension – The Best Cake is Grandma’s Cake

In the two Vollpension-Cafés in Vienna, young and old come together. In these “generation-cafés” the cakes and sweets are prepared by retired seniors working as cooks and hosts. The cafés are a space for guests to feel welcome, drink coffee, eat grandma’s cake and get into a conversation with the seniors working there. This ideally makes a diverse group of people – young and old, tourists and Viennese – get in touch heart to heart, countering the growing gap between young and old. As Hannah Lux, managing director of Vollpension states, the interest to work in the cafés has been

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Otelo – Open Spaces for Creativity and Experimentation in Rural Areas

Since 2010, in more than 30 villages and cities in rural areas around Austria a new kind of place has  gained ground – the “Open Technology Laboratory” or “Otelo”. These “Otelos” live by the idea, to offer people an open room for creative and technical activities. An idea based on a protected room for development and experimental use where those experiments can be jointly carried out. An idea, which opens up and connects technical applications as well as media, social innovations and art. The reasons for Otelo founders Martin Hollinetz and Wolfgang Mader (amongst other co-founders) to get started with

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