MaMaOrgana – the ECO Company

MamaOrgana is the first eco-social company in North Macedonia. On their web blog, you can find bits of advice, ideas, and DIY (do it yourself) projects. Their motto is “Let’s together contribute for a better tomorrow in a motherly modified environment.”

Their main purpose is to bring back the passion for the natural way of life.

Natalija Burgieva, the company’s owner explains:

“Several years ago I was faced with serious health issues. Not in a single moment I thought to give up and use conventional, according to me very damaging medicinal treatments. So, I decided to do a little research. All the data I found concluded that the natural way of life, healthy food, water, and air are the keys to human health and there were results as well!”

That’s how Natalija decided to start the blog and try through articles about the damaging effect of the chemicals to raise eco-awareness. Every MaMa Organa post tries to teach users to a healthier and more natural way of functioning in every aspect of daily life.

Some of the topics they work on are, getting rid of the chemicals from our life through a manual for making natural cleaning and personal-hygiene supplies, as well as, bits of advice related to the alternative medicine, plant teas, natural medicine, and essential oils. There are also posts related to mind and body exercise, natural diets, detox, and diet advice. Apart from human health and development, they provide bits of advice for raising eco-awareness and garbage reduce including ideas on how to recycle and re-use.

“The resources which we as a human race utilize are not limitless and as a result of that, practicing circular economy or using the same resources multiple times (like waste in our case) is exceptionally important for all of us.” – explains Natalija.

MaMa Organa’s clients are usually farmers. Natalija says that at the beginning it was hard as a woman from the capital to explain to men farmers how to do their thing differently.

“Resistance it was what I was coming across at the beginning, but I didn’t give up, I knew that the goal justifies the means and that as time passes by the fact that I am woman will be irrelevant oppose to the quality of the products and services which MaMaOrgana offers.” – adds Natalija.

Apart from organic waste, they work on developing innovative products that solve a common challenge. MaMa Organa created the eco-sand pet toilet which unlike the regular pet toilets on the market, doesn’t contaminate. They also made “Fresh Air on-a-plate”, a decorative combination of plants that are used to clean the air in closed space.

“Our mission stays the same, to take care of the Planet Earth and the natural resources, to fight famine and poverty by creating job positions and support the economic development of the women as a specie. In the future, we plan to organize educational workshops about the importance of the circular economy and try to raise awareness in North Macedonia about the importance of this business model.” – concludes Natalija.

For more information, please check MamaOrgana Facebook page.

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