“I and my siblings suffered tremendously right away from childhood which compromised our essential and basic rights to food, shelter, medical care and education”.

Arigye Allan was born in a village called Nyamengo in Mayengo Division in Katuna Town Council, Kabale district in South Western Uganda, with the Border with Rwanda. Born from the family of ten children from three wives, Arigye Allan narrates that:

He recalls when he had started gaining understanding at the age of six years when his father totally rejected his mother, the first wife of his father in favour of the other two wives. Arigye Allan reveals that: “this created a lot of challenges to the extent that he had to leave home and started staying in relatives home where he worked tirelessly to have a share on the basic needs in life particularly, food and clothing”.

School years and getting knowledge

Despite the challenges, Arigye Allan says that: “I underwent Universal Primary Education with the help of relatives and family friends contributing for me clothing, scholastic materials especially pens and books, and I used to work hard digging and fetching water for community members in order to get money to buy soap and school uniform. After Primary School Education, I requested the Secondary School Authorities to allow me to study as I worked for the school. It was the time when my father was told about my zeal to education that he started assisting me until I finished my High School education and started gaining hope that I could also survive like any other able to do being in my neighbourhood”. He adds that: “I was called by Kabale University to study a Diploma in Computer Science in 2007 having performed well in sciences at High School that my father again declined to continue paying for my tuition. This led me to my former Spiritual friend who directed me to LUSU for help whereby I was received and trained in computer repair and mechanics, systems networking and database designs and development”.

Arigye Allan concluded that the training helped him so much that after one year of study in 2009, he started an ICT mobile mechanics which generated him good revenues and was able to motivate him for further skills development in a nearby Vocational Institution in Kabale Municipality called AICM; where he gained skills in satellite digital installation and fitting, electrical installation and wiring. That was in 2010 that he was awarded a Certificate in Electrical Installation and Fittings.


Sharing of the learning=empowernment

Arigye Allan now has become a very renowned young ICT Entrepreneur in the Kigezi Sub Region in Western Uganda engaged in computer repairs and maintenances, repairs of cartridges, printers, scanners and photocopiers, and digital satellite dish installation in addition to in-house electrical wiring and installation. He now boosts of earning 11$ per day and his future plan is starting up a big workshop where he would be able to train and employ a big number of youngsters in order to tap their hidden potentials and also contribute towards eradicating youth unemployment especially amongst school dropouts. Arigye Allan has a target of increasing his daily earnings to 137$ by 2019.

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