Kick-off meeting in Macedonia

We started off well! The Kick-off meeting, which took place in May in Ohrid, Macedonia, was a meeting point for the representatives of all the partner organizations. Following issues were discussed during the meeting:

  • Level of cooperation,
  • Divisions of tasks,
  • Desired outcomes of the project,
  • Defined the methodology for the upcoming research, that we consider being a milestone in order to start a cooperation on a long-term

All the partners of the project were introduced to the most important points of the project such are introduction and experience with social entrepreneurship, presenting of the main project activities (Kick-off meeting, Mapping of local social entrepreneurship projects, Social startup safari, Training of trainers for social entrepreneurship, Training for establishing of a social enterprise and Final evaluation meeting).

Kick-off meeting in Macedonia

Moreover, all the partners were introduced to financial divisions, budgets per partners (rules and regulations, financial reporting)

Participants also already reflected on the local and national social enterprises projects using mini SWOT analyses according to their current knowledge. Furthermore, during the Kick-off meeting, partners agreed also on information flow, the code of communication and cooperation among themselves.

Kick-off meeting in Macedonia
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