Impact HUB Kigali

“I was simply led by my passion of bringing people and connecting them to new ideas and experiences together!”

Impact HUB Kigali

We are visiting Impact Hub Kigali, in the capital of Rwanda. Community-driven and creatively- artistic spirit is felt from outside already. Jon Stever is welcoming us and explaining how he founded the Office in October 2012, which became the first open community working space in Kigali.

Impact Hub Kigali is one of the Impact Hubs around the world. Kigali though offers a collaborative space and supportive working environment but has its own unique local flavour mixed with the smell of fresh African coffee and ginger. In the spirit of bottom-up innovation as the key to development and the creation of a better future for Rwanda and for the world Impact Hub Kigali is hosting a number of local events, start-up incubators, but also salsa classes and art exhibitions for local artists. 

“We are always passionate to welcome everybody, so we bring together entrepreneurs, creatives, and all drivers of positive social change,” adds Jon when we ask about the community engaged in the activities of the Hub.

Impact Hub Kigali acts as the center of the social enterprise community in Kigali with premier community workspace and countless events and facilitated connections.

Impact HUB Kigali

“I can’t go out and plant a million trees, but I can go out and tell students to plant 10 each. Sometimes you need to ask yourself what exactly do you want- a grove or a forest?” ― Sharad Vivek Sagar

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