Helping Women With Basic Needs

“We don’t choose where we are born, nor do we choose the life in which our parents bring us up in. We find ourselves in single-choice situations, and no matter the viability of the available choice, we must go for it.” begins her story, Alice

Reviewing her life events Alice tells that her life hasn’t been a bed of roses. Her home lies in one of the villages sunken in poverty- abject poverty. Back then, even up-to-date income generating activities were conspicuously limited. People resorted to various means to get money. Her village hit by the wave of poverty opts to venture into brewing illicit brew, widely and locally known as Chang’aa. Days and nights are hectically the same because girls help their mothers. The brew is a sole source of livelihood for most of the community members. The education she always yearned for seemed compromised and she even started to doubt whether she would really make it even past a primary level because that is the kind of life she experienced. She had such a hard time even to do my homework, as each end of school day ushered in the night’s activities. Accessing basic needs for example sanitary pads was a problem.

It was in December 2016 when Alice visited her home village after finishing her undergraduate studies at one of the prestigious universities in Kenya, The University of Nairobi. While at home, she realized that most of her community girls were still not able to afford sanitary pads.

“I met with this young girl who had started up her menstruation periods. Unfortunately, she didn’t have money to purchase sanitary pads so she was forced to use old blankets which leaks out sometimes. It is very embarrassing, “says Alice.

Helping Women With Basic Needs

It hurt her a lot. That is when she thought of the idea of doing cleanups in institutions in order to get money to support these poor girls in her village.

What are Alice´s further plans?

She plans to offer cleaning services to the institutions as from next year. Also, she intends to share the idea with the same institutions to get students from rich families donate excess sanitary pads. She intends to use the revenue to facilitate the whole exercise as she uses the remaining profits to buy sanitary pads for the less fortunate girls in her community as most of them are living below the poverty line.

If the Idea comes into action Alice plans to open up a small office it’s from here that she will be able to contact schools and institutions to buy up her Idea. If all goes well she will be cleaning up and picking used sanitary pads for burning and disposal at an agreed fee.

“I experienced a hardship; I understand and am aware what the girls are going through. I will even go as far as asking my high school and campus friends to support me. My spirits will be at peace when I will see girls from my society able to access proper sanitation which will make them not to feel neglected in the society“, concludes Alice.

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