Good Earth

Nasha Dobra Zemja (Our Good Earth) is the first organic food cooperative of consumers in Macedonia. They started as an informal group of 20 families in search of organic, ecological local food from the cleanest regions of Macedonia. In two years (helped by donations) they got into the most hidden villages and visited more than 100 farmers to find the cleanest and best quality food for themselves and their families.

The interest grew, and soon they became 100 family members. In April 2015, they opened their shop in Taftalidze neighbourhood.

The strongest initiator of their efforts is and was – increasing awareness about sustainability in general, and more precisely about local community development, sharing of resources, decreasing the pressure to mother Earth. Being exposed to what is going on in the world (the degradation of soils, natural preserves and habitat), it was simply unavoidable for them to not take action. Good Earth is their response to these issues. It is not only about food production, but the usage of natural resources, the treatment of other living beings, pollution etc.

For the first time in Macedonia, they formally introduced the concept of the weekly organic basket for members – a beautiful basket full of fresh chemical-free fruits and vegetables delivered to doorstep. This is their start towards community supported agriculture (CSA).


In 2015, they won the Social Impact Award in Macedonia, and also the regional contest of Green Ideas and Philanthropy. The awards helped them get into contact with most relevant people from the social enterprise sphere in Macedonia. Participating in the discussions helped them define better about the social impact they portray vs. green eco concept they also strongly believe in. They believe that their positive impact on nature and changing people’s habits of using plastic and bringing their own packaging when shopping has a crucially strong social impact (additional to the non-use of pesticides in the food procured and supplied).

All their further activities will have an umbrella of sustainability in organics. Organic production has become such a business as usual, that its core of preserving nature, biodiversity and people has been lost along the way. For them, the only way to go forward is to think and act holistically.

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