Two girls, who met in Belgium about four years ago. Paula, from Slovakia, and Maud, from Canada. They had three things in common: love for CrossFit, passion for psychology and incapacity to understand their Spanish neighbours.

During their life in Belgium as students, they realized how difficult it is to find the time for learning new languages and go to gym during your daily routine. Therefore, they started to think about a solution that could overcome this problem: create a singular place where people can get language classes, do sport and find other kind of activities as well.

“Have you ever experienced this feeling of pure happiness following a good workout? In that moment, your brain is filled with BDNF, endorphins, dopamine and neuro-adrenaline, which all contribute to an ideal state of mind for taking in new information“.


FLIT stands for FIT and FLUENT! It is the first place where you can to do fitness and learn languages under the same roof.

Here you can combine mental and physical exercises in order to get benefits for your body and brain and have fun at the same time in a cosy and familiar environment. The center offers a place where students can learn the language in the most authentic environment as they are drawn into the culture of English and French.

FLIT is a language boot camp that offers a new, alternative and appealing way to do fitness and practise languages. The idea is directly connected to the education of the two founders: they use their knowledge in psychology and neuroscience to make the learning process easier and to keep people motivated.

However, FLIT is much more! Here you can get a full cultural experience of the language you want to learn (English, French, Slovak) through movie screenings, book-clubs, conversations, seminars in order to teach languages in an alternative and appalling way for free. Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flitbootcamp/ More at the official website.
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