Jennifer Austin Introduces Venture Capital Investment for Start-ups

Maria Angerer on Why is Impact Measurement Crucial?

Jennifer Austin, originally from the USA, has spent the past 7 years actively contributing to the development of the start-up ecosystem in Romania, through investing, accelerating start-ups, supporting investors, designing corporate innovation and start-up programs, and other activities. All her projects have contributed to increasing the visibility and attractiveness of investments in technologies from early stages of development, helping to grow Romania as an attractive environment for local and international start-up founders and investors.

Maria Angerer is a sociologist and a founder of Measury Social Research and the Institute for Participatory Social Research. Her focus of work lies on social impact as a corporate strategy for future fitness. She empowers and enables companies and other organisations to start, to plan, to measure and to improve their activities for a better world. Ashoka Austria, the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft and Goethe Institut are among her clients.

Stefanie Stebegg gives Step-by-step Guidance to Social Businesses

Stefanie Stebegg has been working passionately in the Graz start-up scene for 6 years. Through her work and experience with numerous companies and start-ups, she has acquired her knowledge and know-how in a targeted manner, which you now pass on as a business & mindset coach to people who want to realize a second pillar in addition to their job.

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