“Fashion brand for people who care about sustainable nature.”

Júlia and Milan have created the EcoMind brand for people to find a way how to get involved in environmental protection. Simply, transparently and in an attractive way. After every purchase in EcoMind you will not only look good but feel great too. Ecomind is an eco-brand project. Within this project, eco-friendly t-shirts are created with an original design inspired by nature. Every t-shirt represents a particular message with different philosophy and values and leaves a legacy connected to nature protection. You choose a t-shirt that you like the best, pick a forest renewal project you want to support your purchase and you are updated on the progress of the project via detailed reports. Júlia Fujdalová and Milan Suchý have come up with this interesting and interactive idea while volunteering in the middle of a rainforest on the island Borneo, where they lived in the middle of the forest for a couple of weeks.

“Beauty and diversity of the rainforest got us immediately and we wanted to share our interest in the nature protection and inspire modern society.”

With this project, they aim to share their interest in nature protection and inspire as many people as possible to think more eco-friendly and raise everyone’s awareness about the environment and nature protection.

“Our vision is to inspire as many people as possible to think more eco-friendly and raise responsibility towards the environment we live in.”

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