Dobre&Dobré Cafè

How to help socially and economically disadvantaged people living in the streets to step further and start again? How to help them in the research of a job in order to be economically independent and have more possibilities to rebuild thier life?

In this field, Bratislava is hosting a unique example of social business.

Walking in the streets of its old town you can find Dobre&Dobré Café, located in the historical building of the Old Town Market. This cosy and warm Café is not just a normal one; besides its good coffee and tasty food, there is much more.

“Our mission is to offer good products in a nice place for good prices. You can love it here. The last thing that you can find is that someone who was serving you a coffee was homeless. We do good things and we do it well!” tells us proudly Sergej Kára.

Dobre&Dobré Cafè was opened in 2014 by a local civic association called Vagus, which works with homeless people. The main idea of the project is to employ homeless people in order to help them to recreate a normal life. In combination with an intensive integrational program, the job in the Cafè provides skills and allows them to stand on their own feet. In addition, it helps the employees to have more possibilities in a future job’s research.

Dobre&Dobré Cafè

“As civic associaion that works with homeless people, we realized that a lot of people living in the streets do not have any opportunity to find a job, so in 2014 we decided to open a Caffè and since then we employed ten people. All of them now have regular job and a place to live. They managed to pay their debts and to move a bit further“ says Sergej Kára, one of the project manager.

This social business in the heart of Bratislava Old Town is unique and successful. Its nice location, warm atmosphere and good products are attracting many people and at the same time, its social impact is indeed achieved by offering a job to people with fewer possibilities and by helping them in the process of going towards a new life out of the streets.

This kind of project is replicable in every city in the world and Dobre&Dobré Cafè represents a good example of the social business that can inspire and motivate people in other cities and countries to open up similar projects.

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