Digital Coach

It is not an app, but an innovative training concept for young people!

Young people deal most intuitively with digital media, while this is the opposite for the elderly ones. With the help of the Digital couch, seniors receive targeted support for their participation in the digital world. With the coaching, it is much more than just technical issues. It comes to really interesting “pairing” that would not have arisen in everyday life.

At the same time, both generations are getting the glimpse to the each other´s lives, which can help overcome prejudices and reassess common stereotypes.

Digital Coach

The training course Digital Coach strives to bridge the digital gap between “Digital Natives” and “Silver Surfers”: young participants are empowered to guide elderly people through their first steps within digital environments.

The first half of the Course focusses on media literacy and coaching skills – within the second half, participants are guided to use their newly gained knowledge right away. Therefore Buddy-Teams of a Teenager and a Senior are formed. As an additional and just as important value, both target groups get an insight in their way of life and might revise stereotypes.

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