Crafting for Youth

As I try to look around I see everyone is capable to use their hands to make products from these available materials like clay and soft stones

It was December the year 2016 when Sylvia Momwacha visited her rural home in Kisii County to join her family for Christmas holidays. As she was visiting her friends and the extended family she realized most of the youth and people of her age had no jobs and others had even lost hope in life. So many questions came into her mind on how she could help this jobless youth who have turned into using drugs and restore hope back into her community. This is how the idea of starting a craftsman shop came into her mind.
Crafting for youth
Crafting for youth

“I intend to put this idea into a business so that I can also help my community. If the idea becomes operational I will be able to create jobs for a few youths who will be helping me in designing, crafting and marketing at my shop. Also through the profits, I will make after selling the products, I will be able to educate and empower the community on aspects such as effects of drug addiction. I am in the process of acquiring a shop though there are a lot of financial challenges. However my passion for youth empowerment makes me work even hard to bring this idea into a reality,” says Sylvia.

If her idea comes into a business she will be making and selling African deco and curious of which she targets both local and international tourists as her main clients.
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