“We see things differently”! say four friends, 3 Italian guys and one Slovak girl who are running ConnectiClub, a brand new Cultural and Consulting Centre placed in the heart of Bratislava Old Town.

ConnectiClub is a very dynamic place attended by locals and foreigners living in Bratislava and willing to hang out and join the wide variety of activities that the space offers to its members.

The place, as the name suggests, it has been founded with the purpose of connecting people, gathering them together, sharing different cultures, creating community and having fun at the same time.

ConnectiClub offers to its members free time activities such as discussions, language tandems, game nights, gatherings, trips, sport activities and parties.

At the same time, it is a co-working space that people can rent full-time or part-time for their own activities. ConnectiClub is also a space where the members can get training activities and courses on different topics, workshops and professional coaching.

It is also a recruiting and consulting place where members can receive help and assistance for local and overseas job search, get private and business consulting and marketing (Online & Offline Promotion for Small & Medium Business, Support to Talents, Social Media Marketing).

As the founders have declared, the aim of ConnectiClub is to connect people and connect them to several opportunities in order to create a network, a community…

More at the official website.

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