Capacity Building Event - Train the trainers on Communication in Social Entrepreneurship

We had fruitful discussions, many new learning’s and sharing experience from Europe to Africa, during the 4 days of the Online Workshop Communication in Social Entrepreneurship that held via ZOOM platform in the framework of the Yes We Care 2 project from 21-24 September 2021. We are grateful that we had a chance to learn from the experts and had active participants from 2 continents. Read more about the event here.

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During this workshop led by the impact professionals from Heartbeats the participants learnt how to: define their target personas, create content messages, use responsible storytelling, and communicate the impact of their organizations/businesses. At the end of the week the participants were empowered to create their own impactful content plan.


Christina believes that every business, brand or product has a story to tell. And a good one, too. Her own story started in the field of journalism but already in 2005 she moved from print to online. However, it was only during her 8 years in London when she discovered how Content Marketing, Storytelling and Responsible Communication can enable sustainable success for a business – something that became her biggest passion. Since then Christina is helping clients – ranging from big corporations to small social enterprises – to tell their impact by creating human-centred communication strategies for internal and external use. Throughout her career Christina has worked in the fashion, sports, music but also media and IT industry with companies such as Red Bull, Nivea, Labello, Boden or Cisco Austria. She acts as a cofounder to Heartbeats Innovation & Communication and is also an expert for Digital Marketing in the Impact Hub Vienna. Christina is currently based in Vienna.


Anja is master’s student of International Business at the School of Economics and Business at the University of Ljubljana. She is passionate about business development, management and responsible business – ideally in an international context. During her undergraduate program she had attended various extracurricular programs in Canada, China, France, Belgium etc. and participated in business development competitions. At Heartbeats, Anja is responsible coordinating business development around our new product goodbizbox and helps with managing events.


A social innovator, entrepreneur and a poet, Bistra supports individuals, organisations and companies in combining innovative tools to grow their impact. Her passion for entrepreneurship took her on a journey through Europe, Sub-Sahara Africa, and South-East Asia, developing and managing projects, programs and systems of support for social innovation. She has worked with Impact Hub, GSEN, UNIDO and other relevant networks in the field. She has been involved in the creation and scaling of more than 5 networks and entities across different industries in CEE and has organized, facilitated and shared her experience at more than 143 international events and conferences so far.  At the moment, she works as a  managing partner of Vienna and Ljubljana based agency Heartbeats Innovation & Communication.

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