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Kurz sociálne podnikanie, EUBA  Social Business EUBA (Katedra sociálneho rozvoja a práce, EUBA, Národohospodárska fakulta)  StartUp Centrum TUKE  Read More
Social entrepreneurship is supposed to be about investing in the people. In order to do so, there needs to be a whole system developed, from the policies that would be designed to strengthen human skills, building up capacities of all the players involved and supporting them to participate fully in employment and social life.… Read More
NESst Slovakia/ NESsT-Citi Social Enterprise Competition  Social Enterprise Competition  Ja Slovensko  Social Businesses of Employment Integration  Commercial, social and inclusive business in Slovakia  Law on Social Entrepreneurship in Slovakia to be introduced  A municipality as a social business: Spišský Hrhov  Law on Services for Employement  Impact Hub Bratislava  Social Enterprises in Slovakia  Action plan for… Read More
Slovakia shines brightest for lovers of the outdoors and nature. The High Tatras are heavenly for walking or winter sports, national parks like Slovenský Raj sparkle with waterfalls or castles like from the fairy tales[1]. Does Slovakia shine also for social entrepreneurship ecosystem? The definition of a social enterprise was… Read More
Your Hobby Place is a big space accessible to anybody willing to repair, assemble or create new objects. Here people can find all the necessary tools and a wide working area. Martin is „just a normal guy“, as he defined himself, who decided to open up a social business and to commit himself full time to his passion, repairing objects and working manually. Your Hobby Place… Read More
„63 six years old family tradition that has turned out into a social business. We have turned our attention towards the people and started to sell so to say, straight away from the garden. “  David Turčany, as the third generation of beekeepers in the family, has changed the concept and “the style” of selling the… Read More
The idea of NOŠA was created by Ivana Krištofíková and Julius Tupta. They were driven by the need to create light school backpacks made of purely natural materials so that it burdens neither the environment nor the child's back. The idea itself was obviously not enough. Ivana and Julius decided… Read More
Two girls, who met in Belgium about four years ago. Paula, from Slovakia, and Maud, from Canada. They had three things in common: a love for CrossFit, a passion for psychology and an incapacity to understand their Spanish neighbours.  During their life in Belgium as students, they realized how difficult it is to find… Read More
0100 Campus is a co-working place based in Bratislava for early stage startups, entrepreneurs and students. The main aim of this space is to inform youth about the concept of startups and entrepreneurship, organize events and workshops and create an environment to share and develop bright ideas. Not also is the… Read More
“Fashion brand for people who care about sustainable nature.” SIA Slovakia 2017 Finalist: Ecomind Júlia and Milan have created the EcoMind brand for people to find a way how to get involved in environmental protection. Simply, transparently and in an attractive way. After every purchase in EcoMind you will not… Read More