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Due to the standard of living and level of living amongst the one of the local Kenyan surrounding community in Maasai region of Kajiado County, Charles being the pioneer and the chairman of Orly Rover Crew came together and decided to develop their daily business of selling water in jerricans… Read More
“Fashion brand for people who care about sustainable nature.” SIA Slovakia 2017 Finalist: Ecomind Júlia and Milan have created the EcoMind brand for people to find a way how to get involved in environmental protection. Simply, transparently and in an attractive way. After every purchase in EcoMind you will not… Read More
“For a better life in well-fare facilities.” "Umění lidem"/ Art to People is a social entrepreneurship project carried out by using art. The aim of the project is to improve the qualities of well-fare facilities. Seniors, people with disabilities and children living in the facilities do paintings which are later… Read More
How to help socially and economically disadvantaged people living in the streets to step further and start again? How to help them in the research of a job in order to be economically independent and have more possibilities to rebuild thier life? In this field, Bratislava is hosting a unique example… Read More
Face to Face – a voice and power for the voiceless & vulnerable! In Macedonia, in the last 4 years, the street paper Face to Face, in original Лице в Лице, has taken on the role of initiator, supporter and mediator of the changes needed in the lives of the most vulnerable. Active in six towns around… Read More
What makes them different is the inclination towards social entrepreneurship, which encourages positive social change and social inclusion of all clients that fully complete the program? Their team is dedicated to promote change, building healthy lifestyles and providing customer care at the highest level, using the latest proven effective methods and techniques.  Therapeutic community “POKROV” is the first… Read More
Following the mantra: “If we can make or reuse it, let’s not buy it!”  Kerakamika Café is a successful business with social responsibility, in Macedonia. Their business model is a blend of creative studio and café, which the founders, both artists themselves, decided to open after a long phase of experimentation. Since then, Kerakamika is a… Read More
Café where you can your coffee served by cheerful waiters. Not so common. Even less common that this café is employing 6 trained disabled people and two other employees.  Petra, Michaela, Jana, Tibor, Juraj and Martin, in co-operation with the hotel academy, have learned to prepare coffee, mixed drinks, and also have got the basics of English. When… Read More