Books for All

“Every child has a right to have access to textbooks and read the books that any other child is reading countrywide,” Rodah claims.

Having come from a middle earning family, Rodah grew up understanding what it really meant to afford textbooks or education itself. This is how the idea of collecting her old books, her young ones’ books, her friend’s books and even visiting schools for donations of already used books came into her mind. It was not until one Sunday afternoon as she was arranging her room that she came across some of her old books and her young ones’ used books. Visiting her friends and other extended family members, the situation was no different. The irony of the story is that there were so many poor children around who could not afford to purchase brand new books or did not have an idea about textbooks. ‘Textbooks are used by teachers, only in most of the schools here in the village.’ So many questions came into her mind on how she can help these poor kids acquire textbooks at cheaper prices so as to study like any other kid.

“I am planning to put this idea into action to help needy children in my community have access to books where they will be buying them at cheaper prices or even give them out for free,” says Rodah.

If the idea becomes a success, Rodah will be able to help the children in her community study and achieve their goals as any other child. She will empower so many other girls from her community to help kids read towards their dreams and have access to same opportunities ’in the real world/job market.’

“We have so many bright kids around and their dream has almost been shattered due to poverty, but am not going to let it happen anymore. I am going to help them achieve their goals by starting smaller,” explains Rodah. She intends to open a Facebook page to market the idea. She also intends to use some of the profits to educate the children and empower the community as a whole. “I am in the process of acquiring a shop although I am having the financial challenge,” says Rodah.

Books for all

What is Rodah’s business plan?She has contacted her friends from college and well-wishers to donate either their used books or cash for her to have a startup. She is planning to roll out her idea as soon as possible. “I am planning to collect as many books as possible and they will be out for sale from next year January. My future plans are to create a platform whereby students will be exchanging books for the next class. Together we shall help poor and needy children have access to quality education,”

“My passion for education will not stop until I see all the children from my community have access to quality education and see them achieve their dreams. I do not only think of helping only my community, I will go beyond my community and reach more children from other communities,” she concludes.

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