Innovation drivers for the High-Tech Material “Bark”..

Understanding concepts of nature and developing products with care and care is for us, not just a commercial slogan. The relationship with the rural region and the use of local raw materials is a special concern for us. This enables us to combine quality and aesthetics without leaving any traces.

The bark protects the tree from heat in summer and from cold and frost in winter. We understand our products not only as our own inventions but much more than high-tech material, constructed by nature. The extraordinary properties of the bark enable a constant beverage temperature, so you can take your time to enjoy.

The average bark content of a tree is 10%. Unfortunately, the considerable amount of this Hight-Tech raw material has so far only been used very rarely and thus precious resources are wasted. Our raw material helps to make efficient use of our forests and offers a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based insulation materials.

Think Outside of the Box!

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