Bake Your Happiness!

“I was born in a family of seven children with four boys and three girls who are still alive”. He adds that: “Being the youngest child in the family, I never got a chance to look at my father who died when I was only two years and my mother that died later when I was only four years”, Mulindwa Ronald never found life easy like any other youth born from the unlucky family background.

Mulindwa was lucky through the assistance from his kind relatives to study from Nursery School up to University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Management of Kabale University in October 2015.

Afterwards, he started looking for jobs and applied to a microfinance organisation called Black Uganda and was allowed to volunteer with them as a researcher. He couldn’t be satisfied due to the fact that he could not be paid salary and yet the life in Kabale town where he resided was much demanding. He later applied to YIDO, an NGO working in Uganda and was again allowed to volunteer as a Coordinator for the project Schools Against Crime (SAC). However, this was not paying and meeting his set financial targets.

Bake Your Happiness!

In June 2016, he got fed up with the searching for jobs and decided to be self-employed, using the skills in baking he had acquired during the last semester of his final year. This was done using the little savings from the allowances he got from the two Organisations he volunteered with. As of August 2017, he was able to sell more than 40 chapattis and had average earnings of 6$ per day-to-date. He revealed that he would be doing very well in business but, he lacks enough capital to expand and transfer it from the suburb to a very busy centre of Kabale Town where there is promising market demand for chapattis and his delicious Rolex.

Bake Your Happiness!

He, however, has the vision to seek for a loan from Savings and Credit Organisations (SACCOs’) which would be willing to lend him at an affordable interest rate so as to expand his business to a higher level. He added that he knows there are many more youth out there experiencing challenges resulting from poor family backgrounds resulting from loss of parents and or from very poor and impoverished families; whom he plans to incorporate in his business and impart them with skills to live independently and at the same time he can employ in his business as it expands.

Mulindwa Ronald has a target of daily average revenues of 28$ by 2019 if his vision of expanding the business is realised. “He sees himself as becoming a successful entrepreneur, a model for the youth and those who would like to face contact with reality and live to demonstrate that, vision is power and hard work backed by a good strategic plan, is prerequisite to independent self-sustaining livelihoods”.

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