Aye by Ayesha Couture – Clothing the Needy With Our Couture

Aye by Ayesha Couture is a clothing appeal brand established in 2015 by a statistic graduate Fiina Ayeshaantu Alvinus to create modern and contemporary clothing for men and women with a niche for wedding and prom outfits. Aye couture is fast becoming a fast-sought-after clothing brand within Namibia, with clients from all corners of the country. In 2017, the owner underwent an intense social media training at Namibia University of Science and Technology, which was facilitated by Dr. Mohammad Shehu as part of he’s Doctorate project, which has enabled to rebrand the brand, making it more socially present.

Aye Couture exist to bring customers the latest clothing with great quality. Moreover, at the core of their business is the humanity, thus giving back to the community is one of the most important reasons they exist. In 2016, they partnered with the clothing brand Kapana Session to be part of a feeding programme in the informal settlement of Windhoek. The programme is founded by Samuel Kapepo who dedicated some of the funds to buy food for the street kids and orphans in order to spend some time cooking and playing with them.

Aye couture is a small business still in its early stages of development thus currently does not have permanent staff other than the owner Ms, Alvinus but has 2 temporary workers who always come on board when they secure large projects. Last year they started to give internships opportunities for Vocational students doing needlework, but due to a lack of capital and machinery could only take one student every six months, but they plan to increase the number when they buy more machines for the business.

The biggest vision is to infiltrate the clothing retail industry of Namibia, which would see Aye Couture being available in local shops countrywide and move away from the production of clothes per request. They reiterate that capital is a big obstacle in hiring Namibian youth as they only have two available machines. However, in Aye Couture hope never dies. They firmly believe that the firm is going to become one of the biggest household names in Namibia and Southern Africa.

For more information, please check Aye Couture Facebook and Instagram page.

Photo credits: Alvinus Fiina

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