AvAv Happy Dog Center

AvAv Happy Dog Center is a project that will provide education on dog rights and protection of the same, through temporary sheltering and nurturing of homeless dogs, in Skopje.

The issue of stray dogs in Macedonia is an old issue and, for the most part, persisting. In Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, chaotic urban arrangement and overpopulation has led to increasing population of stray dogs in the city, and it is alarming for they are known to cause road accidents and spread various diseases. As there are no animal shelters in Skopje, and the citizen’s awareness is low, stray dogs are often malnourished and dehydrated, which only emphasizes the level of negligence. Nevertheless, that is not say that there is no hope, as pet adoption is becoming more and more common, and the situation is showing signs of improvement.

People decide to adopt dogs for various reasons but, at the core, they always do it out of good intentions and devotion to the well-being of dogs. On the other hand, dog owners leading a busy life, working and performing daily activities, means that their pets are left at home, alone, almost every day. How do the dogs feel when they are left at home, alone? They feel lonely and bored. Besides, lonely dogs are at risk of developing destructive habits, or become aggressive and anxious.


The matter in question gave shape to the idea behind AvAv Happy Dog, an emerging and promising social enterprise that recently was awarded the first prize, from the jury of Social Impact Award in Macedonia. Besides taking care of homeless dogs, Avav Happy Dog is set to become a dog daycare facility; a safe place designed to occupy dogs while their owners are about their business, by filling their day with love, attention and fun. Having said that, this facility is meant for the average dog owner, with average income, and it should be considered a necessity rather than a luxury.

In order for the project to be sustainable and profitable in the future, their business model foresees the creation of a doggy park for indoor and outdoor entertainment of dogs and owners and a coffee shop for owners. Meanwhile, being constructed from recycled material, like rubber, pallet and such, part of the area will be available for rent, with the aim of opening a pet shop and a dogs’ hair salon, which will also be included in the whole offer of AvAv Happy Dog Center.

In the future, AvAv Happy Dog Center intends to donate part of its profit in raising awareness about dogs’ rights, to educate people about the ways they can help solve the problem of stray dogs in their communities, and will further campaign for additional fundraising for dogs’ sheltering.

In the land area of more than 3000 sq. meters, in close proximity to the center of Skopje, a courteous staff, and friendly, well-disposed people will warmly welcome the clients, as soon as the center officially opens.

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