Art To People

“For a better life in well-fare facilities.”

Umění lidem is a social entrepreneurship project carried out by using art. The aim of the project is to improve the qualities of well-fare facilities. Seniors, people with disabilities and children living in the facilities do paintings which are later published online and sold. The ones not sold are recreated in digital form and offered to the companies and designers for them to use the paintings as inspiration for their products.

30% of the revenue gained from sales is given to the social facilities.

Art To People

“Thanks to Umeni lidem the daily life of our children’s home has been enriched by an unexceptional art event.“ says Eva Chodurová, Director of Orphanage House, cooperating with the project

“We are happy to cooperate with Umeni lidem because of the benefit to our fashion designs. We also appreciate social impact and artistic approach of their activities.“ adds Lada Vyvialová, Fashion Designer.

The entire project is based on art workshops, where we paint together with people from the well-fare facilities. Children, seniors or people with disabilities do their paintings according to their abilities, feelings and fantasies. We try to show them a modern approach to art, learn new techniques and have fun.

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